I love photographing newborns and infants... Tiny fingers and toes, pouty little mouths and bodies curling up as if still in their mother's wombs. Is there anything more precious than a brand new, tiny baby?

As a mother myself, I wanted to keep in my mind those days forever. I photographed my son as a newborn and also every little milestone of his development through his first year of age... tummy time, sitting, his first tooth. It is with my pictures that I keep those priceless memories from fading. And honestly sometimes looking at those pictures, I barely recognize him!


The ideal time for a Newborn Portrait Session is when the baby is between 5 and 10 days old. Babies are very sleepy at this time, have little sensitivity to touch and sound, and are very comfortable in those adorable curled-up infant photography poses we all adore so much.

Because the window to have a newborn photography session is so little, I recommend booking your baby's portrait session ahead of time while you are still pregnant. Of course I understand that babies often don't come when they are expected, for that reason all my newborn portrait appointments are on tentative basis. I keep in touch with you for the latest updates. Once your baby arrives we can move the photography appointment if necessary, as long as your booking is complete and you are officially on my calendar.

Ideally, your baby should be photographed during the first 2 weeks of life. It is easier for younger babies to hold those beautiful in utero poses. Also we want to avoid baby acne and colic which sometimes flare on some babies after 2 weeks.

What if my baby is older than 2 weeks?

Don't worry, we photograph babies of any age, but the longer you wait to have your baby photographed, the more alert he/she will become. It’s ok, while there will be limitations to certain poses and props as they get bigger and more alert, there are plenty other poses and angles that we can do to capture your baby's cuteness.

Newborn starting at $350

Up to 3 hours session

Session takes place at your home

Portraits of baby

Portraits with parents and/or siblings

30 High Resolution Digitals

Baby's First Year $650

Up to 3 hours New Born session

Session takes place at home

Portraits of baby

Macro shots of baby's tiny features.

Portraits with parents and/or siblings

30 high resolution digitals (Newborn)

Half-hour session at 6 to 7 months, when the baby starts sitting

1-2 outfits

10 High Resolution Digital Images

1 hour session at 1 year

Add a smash cake for fun!

15-20 High Resolution Digital Images

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